Shion has left the building

For those of you reading this site for Shion news, I’m happy to say that Shion has grown to such an extent that it now has its own website:

I’m in the process of growing Shion from a single app to a full cloud-based home automation platform that will allow you to monitor and control your environments using a variety of desktop and mobile apps from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The new online service entered beta today and I will no longer be posting about Shion at this site. If you’re interested in following along, check out the link above and subscribe to the site.

If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester, I sent the following note to folks who expressed interest in the project over the past two years. Please join the beta test if you’re inclined.

Subject: Shion Beta Update

Thanks for your continued patience while I’ve been getting this Shion monster online. :-)

Good news: I’m ready to go full tilt with the beta test. The user account infrastructure is ready, as is the payment system and the Shion apps. If you’re ready to go, here’s what you need to do:

1. Download & install Shion 3.0b3:β2/

This is an update from yesterday that points Shion at the new infrastructure.

2. Sign up for an account by following the instructions at

You’ll need to sign up with Chargify (even if you already did so), and create a user account for Shion Online. Note that you DO NOT need to enter a credit card to get started.

3. The final page of the signup page shows how to set up Shion. In short, just enter your newly-created username and password in the “Online” tab in the Shion preferences.

4. After Shion is up and running (the lightning status icon should be black, not red), download and install the Shion Touch iOS app:β3/

You’ll need to download the app IPA file and a .mobileprovision file. Copy these files to your iTunes and add Shion to one of your devices as you would any other app.

If you didn’t send me your device’s UDID, you will not be able to install the app. To find the ID:

then send it to me via e-mail and I’ll update the appropriate files.

5. Send me your thoughts and feedback.

If you have any problems installing Shion Touch, please let me know. This is a lot of new infrastructure, so I expect to find the occasional glitch here and there.

Moving forward, I’ll be distributing updates to the Shion Touch via the weblog, so if you’re RSS-inclined, please subscribe to

or use e-mail:

Thanks so much for helping me test and get this system off of the ground. I’m looking forward to your feedback and thoughts about how I can continue to improve Shion and its growing stable of apps.


PS. For the Android fans out there, I’m aiming to have a functional Android client available by the end of the year. Stay tuned to the weblog for details.


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